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Sylvia van Niekerk

About Sylvia van Niekerk


"After exploring and attempting several different art projects, painting stood out. 

Two decades later, it is still a passion to capture the virtual desires of clients by making brushes dance over blank canvases.

Different textures, mediums and themes are truly my playground, including oil paintings, acrylic art and pallette knife work. 

Being a self taught artist, the famous painter, Bob Ross plays a vital and inspirational role in my artistic journey."

I am a self-taught artist and have been interested in the processes and creating of detailed, original pieces from a very young age. I have been painting for years now and frequently do specific pieces of choice for clients.

I use high-quality acrylic and oil paint to get vivid, rich colors accompanied by hand-picked textured canvas for the best results.
Most of my work (as you will notice), isn't 'flat' since I take the time to texturize canvas according to outlines with palette work paste even before starting with paint. This gives a piece a more sophisticated, come alive, 3-D look.

            " Most of my work is on specially texturized canvas, according to outlines,
              with palette work paste. This gives a piece a more sophisticated,

             come alive, 3-D look."

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