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Jaen Eduardo Mostert

About Jaen Eduardo Mostert


“I enjoy sharing my works of art with people that appreciate it as much as I do. Seeing the joy and gratifying look in someone’s eyes, for a painting they commissioned, bring me the most satisfaction. There shouldn’t be a limit on how you make a piece of art and no one should tell you how or how not to do it. Everything is unique. There is something beautiful in everything and illustrating that beauty on canvas is my passion.”

Jaén Eduardo Mostert is a multi-talented part time artist who specializes in working with a variety of techniques to bring a picture to life.

He prefers using oil as a medium on canvas and is not limited to just one style or topic. He has a passion for nature and has done wildlife and landscape paintings.


Jaén has no formal training and has been working on creating his own style.


Growing up in a small town called Ladybrand in South Africa, close to the Maluti mountains, which are covered in snow during winter and surrounded by beautiful nature. As a boy he developed an affinity for these surroundings. His acute observation is illustrated in his attention to detail.


The artist only realized his talent at the age of 28, when he picked up a brush in late 2018.

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