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Ernst Rohe

About Ernst Rohe

                                                 Ernst Rohe born in Windhoek 7/9/1947
                                                 Art Ecole ABC de Paris 1964
                                                 Hamburger Fern — Lehrininstitut
                                                 Zeichen – Schriftgraphik 1969
                                                 McCalum & Stevens
-Artist working on industrial designs including silk screen badge design bronze casting, metal designs, neon signs reproduction work in dark room for architecture and designs, aluminum and copper etching, as well as sculpture and litho printing on stone.
 "At night I spent my time at advancing my skills at the Cape Technical  college."
- At Litho studio with Jan Vanmeren continued work on etching.
- At Photoprints, artist for newspapers and book designs.
- Advertising manger and artist at Grand Bazaars.
- Started photo studio with all aspects in large format photography.
- Studio for package design and air brush for commercial printers.
- Studio for photography in large format working with advertising      agency,  book designs for Struik.
- Colour matching for commercial artist with precise colour matching for  printers.
- Reproductions for photographers and artists in ciba chrome and air  brush.
- Fixing other people’s mistakes. Also involved with AV and Television works.
All this spans some fifty years of learning and working in the commercial art world, learning and working.
     "Later I left the rat race behind and settled in Namibia.
     Painting the landscape and animals in oils, acrylics, and watercolour.
     My studio in Usakos includes three art studios, and a framing studio.
     In good times I spend money on materials and all the art supplies, and in
     bad times I am able to survive on what I have for a long time, here in the          desert, like a seven day camel .
     The studios I built myself."
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