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Multi-surface fibre pens for decorating card, wood, glass, leather, plastic, rocks, Das modelling material, metal, etc. Colours mark porous surfaces permanently and can be removed from smooth surfaces using a damp cloth. For this reason the pens are recommended for use on glass and windows. All Decor Materials inks are water-based, safe and light-resistant. Unlike standard fibre pens, Giotto Decor pens allow you to produce stunning creations, owing to their optimal covering capacity - even on dark or coloured surfaces - and the fact that the colours can be layered on top of one another. The pens have a medium-sized tip (diameter: 4 mm), which is ideal for drawing small details and medium-sized backgrounds. Super resistant blocked nib, safety cap and ventilated cap. All colours wash off hands easily.

Giotto Decor Materials hangeable box 12 pcs


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