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Build hope. Build future.

Dantago Center is a social activist’s, Katrina’s, vision - born out of a desire to give woman skills to become self-sustainable. Dantago promotes individual empowerment to take control of their lives.

Katrina started out by providing a space for women to come together and practice hand skills producing items they could then resell. She noticed, more and more, kids coming after school and joining their mothers, enjoying the community that was forming. That’s when Katrina extended the slowly growing center to include an after-school program. 

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Education at Dantago

At the time of writing this post, the Dantago center facilitates about fifty children, ???? Women, and ….


Education is at the heart of Dantago’s efforts. Recognizing that education is a powerful tool for breaking the cycle of poverty, the organization provides art tutoring along with art supplies to children who need it most. They also run after-school tutoring programs to help students who are struggling academically, and play educational games with the little ones.

By investing in the education of the youth, Dantago organization is planting seeds for a brighter future.

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Food insecurity is a pressing issue in many parts of Namibia, including Swakopmund. Dantago organization addresses this through their feeding programs, which provide nutritious meals to children and the elderly. These programs not only alleviate hunger but also ensure that children can focus on their studies rather than their empty stomachs. Dantago currently feeds an average of ???? Empty stomach’s lunch daily.


Access to healthcare is another critical area where Dantago organization makes a significant impact. They organize regular health camps, offering free medical check-ups and treatments. The charity also conducts health education workshops, covering topics such as hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention. These initiatives are vital in a community where healthcare facilities are often out of reach for the most vulnerable.

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Empowerment at Dantago

Dantago Charity believes in empowering individuals to take control of their lives. Their empowerment projects include vocational training programs, where participants learn skills such as tailoring, carpentry, and computer literacy. These programs are designed to equip people with the tools they need to secure employment or start their own businesses. By fostering self-reliance, Dantago Charity helps individuals build a path out of poverty.

Success Stories

One of many success stories at Dantago is Maria, a single mother of three, who struggled to make ends meet. With the support of Dantago organization, Maria was able to attend a vocational training program in tailoring. Today, she runs her own small business, providing for her family and even employing other women from her community.

How to Support

Despite their remarkable achievements, Dantago Charity faces numerous challenges. Funding is a constant concern, as the needs of the community often outstrip the resources available. Additionally, the organization must navigate the complexities of working in a region with limited infrastructure and frequent socio-economic upheavals.


However, the team at Dantago organization, led by Karina remains undeterred. They are constantly seeking innovative ways to expand their programs and reach more people. Future plans include the establishment of a community center that will serve as a hub for their various initiatives, offering a safe space for learning, health services, and community gatherings.



The success of Dantago’s mission depends not only on the dedication of its team but also on the support of generous individuals and organizations. There are many ways to get involved and make a difference.

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